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OUR Story

Curious and amazing things happen on our journey of everyday life.

Terri Bergman
Principal Gourmand at The Kitchen's Bounty

Now as to my love of FOOD, and eating (that’s where it starts!) and cooking, well that’s where I get a little crazy! Here is how it rolls for me: I approach the kitchen in this manner:

To consciously cook with joy, to nourish people’s bodies and soul.

To bring simple whole foods to their glory in taste, presentation and setting.

To embrace the nature of a food and revel in its authenticity and portion (hey cream is cream and butter is butter, they are glorious fats that have a place at the table!)

To piece a meal together as a puzzle, taking the nuances of taste and working those together to complement each other and create a whole.

To embrace the common and the humblest of ingredients in an open and magnificent way! And then, to illustrate all of these points and share them in a way that is open, inviting and doable to others.

To infuse those I touch with a joy for cooking that transcends the table into their lives,

That is my creed!

About the Founder - Terri Bergman

Terri Bergman’s profound love of cooking, and the invaluable skills of preparing French cuisine, began at her mother’s side when she was a young girl. This ninth child, in a lively family of thirteen, was raised in New England. After her marriage, Terri and her husband Pete, moved to many different locations around the country and Mexico. With each relocation her natural curiosity drove her to IMG3311immerse herself into learning about the cuisine, the art, the culture, and the people. Discovering a passion for all four, the seeds were planted for the creation of The Kitchen’s Bounty.

Terri has been involved in the Arts at every level. From CEO of various theatres, responsible for overseeing operations, symphonies, and dance companies; to serving on many arts related and education boards. Her deep love of the Arts is evident in her service and accomplishment. She has worked with the Boston Pops, Toledo Museum of Art, American Museum of Monterrey, Mexico, as well as a myriad of talented artists and performers. Her organizational skills and love of entertaining has landed her in the role of planner, organizer and hostess for every type of function. She’s been responsible for charity fundraisers, benefits, and symphony galas ranging from 12 to 10,000 in attendance. Terri’s love of the Arts extends to her own interior design abilities, having decorated over 26 different homes, condos and lofts through the years. Her creativity and a keen eye for detail has made her a sought after business women for the Arts. Combine these gifts with her beliefs about cooking, dining and entertaining, and you have the perfect storm for beautiful and unique, products and experiences!

IMG5834In addition to founding The Kitchen’s Bounty, Terri takes great pride in being wife to Pete Bergman, Mother to four accomplished Sons, and Memere to four treasured grandkids.

Terri says, “ It is my deep desire to give to others the experiences I have enjoyed in creating a memorable tableau through the years; blending people, art, tablescape, and music. Sharing my inspiration, techniques, and products just seems a natural fit. There is a magic that happens when people come together to break bread. And, when the food is delicious, creatively and artfully prepared, then served with love........c’est une celebration!


The Kitchen's Bounty Mission

The Kitchen’s Bounty is your culinary companion in delivering fine-dining occasions in the comfort of your own home. Use our four-star recipes and menus, cooking products and inspiration as your road map, and then drive it home to delicious!

Terri Bergman believes anyone can be a gourmet cook and throw a fabulous party... given the right tools. She also believes there are few pleasures in life greater than engaging with friends and family, savoring an artfully prepared meal around the dining room table. For Terri, the party started a long time ago, around her own mother’s table. Growing up in a lively French family, she treasured mealtimes - gathered around the table, relishing good food, conversation, laughter and fun. A childhood memory revived by her mother, Bella, recalls a thirteen year old Terri making a grand entrance into the dining room, smiling proudly and carrying a flaming Baked Alaska! This remembrance sparked the desire to give these same experiences back to others and has become the guiding light in the creation of The Kitchen’s Bounty.

For Terri, it isn’t just about the food, although she is a gifted chef with an innate ability to bring seemingly disparate, yet complimentary flavors together. It’s her desire to bring people together uniting them in the common connection of partaking in great food, infused with a little fun, and garnished in joy. That’s when the magic begins! The Kitchen’s Bounty has been a dream and now it has become a mission to share what she has learned, blending it beautifully with her love of entertaining and the Arts in its many forms.

Whether you are a graduate student in the mastery of cooking, an event planner looking for new ideas, or a novice, The Kitchen’s Bounty is here to help you awaken your creativity and birth your own memorable moments. We provide you the inspiration, a detailed road map, and many specialty products to make your own affair the talk of the town, and one to remember!

Let the love begin! Amazing things can happen with the help of The Kitchen’s Bounty!

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