Chocolate as far as the eye can see…

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Is playing with chocolate, rich, deep, dark chocolate, anyway to spend your days?! We think so!
Chocolate is claimed to the next wine… an art form if you will. Well, we will leave the true art to the chocolatiers, but borrow the inspiration of dark chocolate as delectable and the perfect accompaniment to a great wine! Coffee lovers… we have you in mind also! With each bite the nugget shatter chocolate ecstasy in the mouth, but it’s done so soon…
Our recommendation? Buy the twin packs!


We have finally got the packaging down for our Kitchens Reserve Biscotti. Honestly, here are some of the steps to creating the Triple Chocolate unique petite biscotti. We incorporate dark chocolate cocoa powder, with chocolate pieces in the dough mixture, then add chocolate covered kona espresso beans, and finally enrobe the biscotti with a chocolate ganache… Creating triple dark chocolate treats! We then give it further personality with a specialty finish of sea salt with chili – that especially pleases gourmands, along with port and red wine lovers. We also include a berry cane sugar finish as our second finish – they play delightfully off one another. So check the site, the twin packs are ready and offered online next week. Guaranteed these artisanial delights will not disappoint. So get out the red wine… it is going to be another delicious day!

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