Amazing BBQ anytime!

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Yes, it is summer and the BBQ is amazing! Having been introduced to the wonderful BBQ of the South (South Carolina to be specific), I have been intrigued with the “perfect pulled pork sandwich.” So while playing in the kitchen and grill, I have a wonderful recipe that I wanted to share with you. The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can make it anytime of year… sun or snow brrrr…bbq1

The prime two ingredients: pork shoulder (bone in if you can) and the KB’s own Amazing Rub.
Here is how we went about creatin, melt in your mouth pulled pork:
Pork Shoulder approx 5 lbs. (enough to feed an army)
8 TBSPs of the Amazing Rub
8 cloves of garlic
Pierce Roast and insert peeled garlic cloves
Wrap roast in plastic, overnight is great.
Remove plastic, place roast on hot grill to sear (love your color) or a hot oven for 45 minutes.

bbq2Then, here is where is gets easy,
place in a slow pot cooker for 6-8 hrs with 2 cups of liquid, my favorite choice would be apple juice and white wine… yum!


Remove from pan, pull and chop at will, season with a little of the cooking liquid, and then pour your favorite BBQ sauce at will (we love Montgomery Inns Signature BBQ Sauce)… tender, fragrant, and delicious. Enjoy! Man,y many recipes to use this delicious pork. Stay tuned… we love sharing!

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