The Egg… truly a culinary star!

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Egg copper cooker

The Egg… truly a culinary staple, but only the Star once a year! The egg is a key part of so many dishes. In some ways I see the egg like the mini skirt… it is in, it is out, it is in again! Today it is most definitely “IN.” Okay, let’s put the egg in perspective:

1) THE STAR: Easter is coming and the egg is always the fashionable “Star” of this holiday.
2) THE CONTROVERSY: It is a protein star one day and the wrath of Doctor’s the next. Its friend coffee shares the same fate!
3) THE DILEMMA: Should it be boiled, scrambled, fried (so vogue today on everything from salad to pizza!) poached or …wait for it..”Deviled.” Now I admit, just the word deviled conjures up the forbidden apple… But pluck that tree and let’s share a little of the forbidden fruit!
4) BEDEVILED: We are currently “hooked” on deviled eggs… all sorts! With Avocado (so Easter Green), with Lobster and Caviar (always vogue) and admittedly Straight up! Yes, a little Mayo, a little mustard… get wicked and throw in a dash of horseradish!
5) SHARING THE EGG… Below find our quick guide to “How to make a Hard (Boiled) Egg and Tips.” We also share a few recipes below that include Lobster and Caviar Deviled Eggs and our current decadence as shared in The Heart of Ohio Magazine, The Scottish Egg  – Page 12 tells it all!
Scottish Eggs
Here’s wishing you great egging however you dish it up!
With Joy!


Hard Cooked (boiled) eggs – Quick Notes/Tips
A hard cooked egg has a firm white and yolk. Hard cooked eggs should never be boiled (really) simmer them in water! If boiled too long, proteins toughen and you can get a green or purplish ring around the yolk… let’s leave the color for the shell.
TIPS: Don’t use fresh eggs, but eggs nearing their expiration date are best (Fresh are very hard to peel)
Place the carton of eggs on its side for a day; the yolk will center itself so you have yolk directly in middle of the white (we want our eggs looking good!)
1) Start with eggs that do not have any visible cracks
2) Do not salt the water (raises boiling point make eggs rubbery)
3) Place eggs in right size pan in one layer only, w/cold water covering by 1”
4) Bring to a rapid boil and immediately reduce to simmer, cover pan with lid
5) Timing for Medium eggs approx 15 minutes
6) Stop the cooking process by draining water and submerge in cold water w/ice for 10 mins
The cold water bath helps a layer of steam develop between the shell and the egg white.
This steam helps the peeling process later!
Lobster Deviled Eggs
1 dozen eggs
1 – 1 ½ pound *lobster (steamed lobster, shelled, minced reserved/fresh is best!)
1 tsp of spicy Dijon mustard
Small onion grated
1-2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1 Tbsp capers, minced (but a few reserved for garnish)
1 bunch of chives finely minced (reserved whole pieces for garnish)
Salt to taste (go light)
Black Pepper to taste


Prepare standard boiled eggs, peel and split eggs lengthwise- remove yolks.
Prepare mashed yolks with mustard, grated onion, mayonnaise, minced capers, minced chives. Add steamed lobster pieces, moderate chop, with egg yolk mixture. Check consistency to see if it’s perfect for your taste… more mayonnaise or mustard is a possibility! Stuff egg whites with this mixture. Then have fun, garnish with caviar, chives ½ inch length, and a few capers if desired. You may accent the plated Lobster stuffed eggs with a touch of smoked paprika.
Plate stuffed eggs on fresh greens of your choice. I suggest wild greens with arugula. Fabulous as starters and wonderful plated with balsamic vinegar on spicy greens.

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